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Our Custom Home Building Process | Grand County, Colorado

Our Custom Home Build Process

Grand County, Colorado

At Chillcoots, every project is custom and requires its own specific drawings, budget, and schedule. We take the time to understand your goals and offer our expertise as a means of getting you the end product that you desire. We don’t have predetermined schedules; we design a schedule around the house that’s on paper.

We take pride in being able to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our motto is “Trust built through time,” as our process not only works, but it builds strong, lasting relationships with our clients.

Building Custom Homes Since 1995

Phases of Building

We develop a full pre-construction process which will include preliminary project meetings, budget review, design concepts, and lining up contracted projects, all before breaking ground.

For the initial 1-2 meetings, we sit down and talk. We will discuss your goals, ideas, project timeline, and establish the direction to take. We take a walk of the site or review the study together. We ask such questions as:

  • What style of home are you looking to build?
  • Do you have a set of plans? (That’s most important to get going. If not, we recommend architects.)
  • What are your budget parameters?
  • What unique features would you like to see?

The next meeting is what we like to call the “where the rubber hits the road meeting”. The architect is present so we can review and offer input about the rough floor plans. Together we review the budget for a “reality check”. Sometimes what looks good on paper isn’t always affordable.

We ask the client to take a few days to process and/or to have the architect make changes to the design. We move to finalize the plans and engineering. We hire the rest of your behind-the-scenes project team for example surveying, soils, structural and civil engineers.

We line up preliminary projects/contracts for site work such as permits, water, sewer, gas, and utilities, and order quality materials. Once the permit is in hand, we are officially underway. Now begins the fun part for our clients. We have you start getting selections and coordinate with building schedules.


This is where the project “goes vertical”. Construction of your new home kicks fully into gear with the foundation, framing, drywalling, carpentry, stone work, etc. How do we keep track of the entire building process? We have some incredibly innovative, online technology where everything is prompted so it’s an easy process and projects flow naturally. What we really like about it is it also allows us to better communicate with our clients. We like to keep our clients in-the-know and in turn, they are satisfied by being well informed. Clients can see the project schedules, communicate with project managers about selections, and even see work-in-progress photos — all on any device.

Serving the Grand County area, including Winter Park, Fraser, Kremmling, & Grand Lake

Types of Custom Builds

When it comes to finding the right custom home builders in Colorado for your dream home, you can trust Chillcoots to deliver precisely what you’re looking for. Chillcoots has been handcrafting beautiful custom homes in Colorado for over 27 years.

Custom Homes

In addition to residential homes, we have built multi-family projects, commercial lodges, boat houses, barns, and small bridges throughout Colorado. We strive for each construction project to be unique and a true reflection of its owners. Our reputation as custom home builders in Colorado was founded on quality, expertise, and commitment.

With new construction projects, we start with quality craftsmanship and high-end materials. Building in the rocky mountain region, we typically work with materials such as log, timber, and stone. Still, we have also worked with various other materials, such as reclaimed wood, structural insulated panels (SIPs), and green materials.

Our expertise spans well beyond the core Chillcoots crew. Read our story.

New custom home builds require many partners to be involved – from conceptualization to going vertical. We hand-pick our contractors and collaborate, consult, and innovate with the best architects, engineers, and interior designers in Colorado. Perhaps the greatest key to our success is the on-going commitment to our clients. We are more than just custom home builders, we take pride in our ability to deliver our projects on schedule and on budget while having lasting relationships with each of our clients.

It’s important to us to keep building on that foundation. After all, the strong, lasting relationships with our clients are what it’s all about.


As you’d expect, usually renovations are more difficult and not as straightforward. There is always a big question mark hanging there as things come up compared to new construction, such as things that weren’t planned for or didn’t know about at the start and have to alter the plan and/or the budget.

As for the phases involved in renovating an existing home, it’s a very similar process upfront as a new custom home build with one additional phase — that being demolition. Beforehand, there are a few important questions to be addressed.

  1. Does the existing home meet the current building codes?
  2. Does the existing home work with the new construction?
  3. Will the homeowner have the ability to finance “the unexpected?”


Chillcoots has the experience to renovate and rejuvenate a home with the know-how to allow the project to run as smoothly as possible.

Log & Timber

As timber and log home builders, we specialize in all phases of carpentry and are highly skilled in timber and log construction. Building in the Rocky Mountain region, we typically work with log, timber, and stone, as well as other mixed materials including reclaimed wood, metals, various sidings, and green materials — just to name a few. Our timber and log home builders truly knows their craft and will take painstaking measures to ensure the highest quality of craftsmanship. Our crew has the skill set to fabricate timber and log on-site or work with prefabricated packages. “It is another reason we can separate ourselves from other Colorado log home builders,” proclaims Mark Bjerken, the owner of Chillcoots, “We do have the source to the best talent available.”

  • Prefabricated or built on-site log homes.
  • We warranty all of our craftsmanship and carpentry.
  • Custom client portal so you can communicate easier with us throughout your log home build.
  • Experienced team of log home builders.
  • We help you discover the rustic Colorado log home you’ve always dreamed of.